IT infrastructures are a core requirement in the build environment nowadays. The difference is in the details per market we operate in. Therefore we have segmented the following markets.

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TTNoord is since 2003 a trusted partner for data cabling and fit outs in multiple datacenters in Europe. With our background in datacenters we understand the importanties of tidiness, high standards, labeling and administration. Therefore our datacenter customer base is growing per day varying from REITs, colocation suppliers and not in the last place hyperscalers. 


Carriers and service providers

The time to market and time to repair is getting extremely important in the fast moving fiber carrier and service provider market. The 

TTNoord has become a partner of the Dutch Fiber Carrier Association (FCA) in 2022 to be able to support more carriers in operating their fiber infrastructure in an efficient and fast way.



Public sector

We have been a trusted partner for the government for many years. The projects we together perform vary from  office buildings and computer rooms to rare locations as prisons and a royal palace. Our flexibility and high standards are reasons for the government for choosing for TTNoord (in combination with other contractors) in tenders. 

Industrial automation

The industrial revolution is still going on and driven by IT nowadays. Therefore our work field is more and more integrated in the industrial and control environments. Projects are varying from new build factories to retrofit of datacenter cooling- and power-plants where we are responsible for installing the new trays, cabling and reports


The healthcare market is supposed to digitalize enormously in the next decade. As literally we are discussing people’s lives here the environment should be clean, tidy and extremely reliable. The importanties of scalable solutions are most of the time underestimated. As we don’t know yet what kind of services and how many need to be supported  flexibility and scalability is key.

Real estate

The build environment was never such a digital environment as it is today. IT infrastructures are the integrator between burglar systems, CCTV, WIFI, LAN and the outside world.

Therefore reliable IT infrastructures are a must for each real estate owner and user to make us of the real estate in an efficient way.

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