About Us

TTNoord exists since 2003 and has developed itself in to a full service provider of fiber-, copper- infrastructures till full room fit-outs.

Why we do it?

IT infrastructure is the foundation of the digitalizing world. There is a gap between supply- and demand as the market asks for expertise, transperency and competition.

How we do it?

TTNoord is surrounded by a strong ecosystem in the datacenter-, real estate-, construction- and industrial- market. We have the right ingredients to close, part of, the gap by delivering top notch solutions that fullfill the current market demands.
As a member of the Zentrys Group (active in multiple countries in Europe) TTNoord has the ability to handle larger projects than the competition.
Our people are our value and therefore we take care for them very well and support their carreers by providing our own training formulas.

What do we do?

TTNoord offers a wide range of services building top notch IT infrastructures together with our partners. Apart from the services we can also supply turn key solutions for your real estate, datacenter or other facility. We stand for our quality.
TTNoord was founded in 2003 as Team Telematica Noord. Nowadays TTNoord has widened the focus from sec Telematica to support the IT infrastructures in the Build environment. Since 2003 the team and our customer portfolio has grown and so does our service portfolio.


Our quality is the most important selling point. Therefore we provide all testdata to our customers via our Partner portal. This both tracks the projects we realize together and transparently transfers the data of the projects. This because we believe the administration is one of the most important steps in a transparent, future proof and affordable IT-infrastructure.

Join TTNoord

TTNoord is constantly growing and in search for personnel that can help grow our business. We offer a good package of primary and secondary conditions while you work in cool environments. Are you interested what we have to offer for your profile? Take a look at our vacancies or send us an email and we will contact you!

We Care

We care for the environment and therefore our footprint needs to be minimized. Therefore we are recycling old data cabling in line with the ISO14001 and electrifying our fleed of company cars, meaning all new company cars will be electric and charged with renewable power. 

Contact Us

If you still have some questions regarding our services, or if you want to request a quote. You can contact us using the contact form or you can message or call our Project Director Jacob directly.
Jacob Weidgraaf - Project Director
+31 (0) 85-0407660