Discover our core expertises from single UTP to turnkey solutions. Searching for other expertises? This is a summary, so please contact us for more in depth expertise via contact.

Data cabling

TTNoord is since 2003 the expert in data cabling (copper / fiber) throughout the build environment. By partnering with both our customer as with our suppliers we deliver tailored infrastructures that suit your demand.

IT Room fit-out

Our group counts numerous persons that have gained their credits in datacenters. Therefore we are able to deliver turn-key solutions for your datacenter. Contact us for more informateion and your specific case.

MEP services

Together with our group TTNoord has the expertise to offer mechanical, electrical and plumbing services in for example datacenters. As such we are able to take the full fit out of a data hall for our account.

Security infrastructure

Security systems have moved over the past 20 years from COAX to IP. Therefore we nowadays have addepted security infrastructures in our portfolios. Together with our supplier ecosystem we create the best solution for your build environment.

Automation and control

TTNoord recognises that the infrastructures under automation and control systems nowadays has huge paralels. The reliability, security and type of infrastructure is almost similar. Therefore we see numerous projects in our portfolio wherein we support the software and hardware integrators with the infrastructure.

New technology

We are constantly looking for new technologies in the market that can improve the environments of our customers’ (critical) environment. This helps to create sustainable scalable ¬†infrastructures.¬†

As we watch the new technologies for our customers, they are able to focus on their core business.


As we have partnerships integrated in our business model we are consulting many of our customers in greenfield, brownfield and retrofit environments. This considers we bring in our expertise for example to redo administration and labeling in fiber networks or take part in a construction team during the design phase of a project.

Maintenance and incidents

How to maintain your critical infrastructure? This is a question that we get multiple times a year. We have SLA agreements with multiple customers to maintain (structure, label, administrate, upgrade, test) infrastructures. In case of incidents we have our on call availability to re-splice fibers or analyse the root cause of the issue.

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